Please join us in welcoming speaker Greg Trowse!

When: 4 -6 pm, Thursday March 30, 2017

Where: T-Room, 1360 Barrington Street, Halifax

Greg Trowse

Going with the flow – Use of drifters and drones in tidal energy applications

Greg Trowse is the founder of Luna Ocean Consulting Ltd. His background is in Environmental Engineering and Physical Oceanography, and he has been working primarily on Nova Scotian tidal energy developments since 2009.  His tidal energy experience spans many aspects of project development, but his focus is site assessment, environmental monitoring, marine operations, and community engagement in the Outer Bay of Fundy region.

Many aspects of tidal energy work involve developing tools and techniques for working in high flow environments.  When possible Greg prefers to go with the flow, and has led development and use of low profile drifters for mapping surface flow fields.  Drifter use has recently expanded to pumpkins observed from UAV images, including a Great Pumpkin Race held in Grand Passage. UAV images have also been used to observe wakes and map flow features. Greg will present on the use of “Drones and Drifters” in the context of tidal energy site assessment.



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