September 23, 2015 Ocean Connector with Dr. Clifton R. Johnston

Please join us in welcoming Clifton R. Johnston and several of his Summer Design Bootcamp students at this months Ocean Connector Event!

When: 4:00pm – 6:00pm, September 23, 2015

Where: Halifax Central Library, The Lindsay Children’s Room, Spring Garden Rd.

What: Food, our feature presentation, networking and more!

Clifton R. Johnston, Ph.D., P.Eng. is an Associate Professor and NSERC Chair in Design Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University.  Dr. Johnston has long balanced engineering practice with engineering education. He has spearheaded the development of leading edge curriculum based on real-world, open-ended creative problem solving.  Dr. Johnston has won National and International awards for curriculum development.  Dr. Johnston has worked in industry as well as collaborated on research and development ventures with companies ranging from Shell Canada to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. He also maintains an active research program in the areas of Design Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Sports Engineering.

Dr. Johnston will be talking about how Dalhousie Engineering can Support Industry. The growth of Nova Scotia’s economy is dependent on the growth small and medium sized enterprises (SME).  In many cases, the creation and growth of SME is dependent on technology development.  However, SME often have neither the human or financial resources to undertake research & development on their own.  Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Engineering has an number of avenues for supporting technology development for Nova Scotia’s ocean technology sector.

One popular collaboration opportunity is capstone design projects.   Typically capstone design projects will have teams of four, senior-engineering students work for eight months on solving a specific business proposed problem.  Student teams are usually supported by a faculty advisor and by faculty technicians.  From there business may consider hiring a co-op student for a four or eight month placement, where the student works full-time at the business on a variety of projects.

The Faculty of Engineering is also leading a new program to support and grow SME.  IDEA Innovation is a collaboration between Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Engineering and Rowe School of Business, and NSACD University’s Division of Design.  IDEA Innovation is focused on providing students with training, mentorship and pre-incubator support for the creation of product-focused start-up companies.  In May 2015, IDEA Innovation help its first annual Summer Design Bootcamp, with 18 students (six engineering, six design , six business) participating in six weeks of training in design and entrepreneurship.  Many of the ideas developed were suggested by industry experts.  Several students who are part of this design bootcamp will be giving short five minute presentations on their designs after Dr. Johnston’s presentation.