35 Years of tracking sparks ideas and opportunity

In Mark McIntyre’s discussion at last week’s Ocean Connector he described the rapid evolution over the past 35 years of ideas and technologies for tracking man-made things that move under the ocean, on the ocean and over the ocean (sea, land, air and space). He described each idea in an organized way that left biologists and oceanographers thinking of new ideas for tracking fish and marine mammals for scientific purposes.

On the other side of the coin, Mark also showed that some of the technology ideas that have been used to track tagged fish for years are only now being adopted for tracking commercial aircraft around the globe. The talk generated a great deal of interest and sparked more interaction between those who want to track fish and those who want to develop the technology to track fish.

Some attendants were left so inspired by Mark’s talk that they felt it could be taken to a higher level discussion on “what are the fundamental research questions for particular problems?” or said another way “what type of tracking information do we need to gather?”  These types of questions will give a sense for which problems we (industry) should be focusing on and/or what specific answers researchers (academia) are looking for (and see value in).