35 years of tracking things under, on and over the ocean – Nov. 27

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When: Nov 27, 2014
Who: Dr. Mark McIntyre, Principal Scientist (Retired), Defence R&D Canada – Atlantic
Where: T-Room
What: “Tracking Things Under, On and Over the Ocean: Lessons Learned From 35 years of Trying”!

Humans have always had the ability to track things. We use our our senses to make sure we know what we need to be aware of as we move through our environment. We use this information to make sure we don’t run into things (navigation), to learn about things we’d like to capture or study (surveillance) and to help us know who we’d like to socialize with (communication). Over the past 100 years, Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) technologies have improved radically with exponentially growing geospatial coverage. This is especially true over the past 35 years, the span of the author’s career at Defence R&D Canada. The purpose of this talk is to provide a retrospective look at the evolution of CNS technologies as they have been used in underwater surveillance, surface vessel navigation and aircraft monitoring (with a quick foray into cyberspace.) A goal of the talk is to help identify CNS technologies and concepts that might be of interest to those who want to monitor fish and marine mammals in oceans, lakes and rivers around the world. Much of this talk is based on the author’s 35 years experience at DRDC but none of the discussion represents an official government view of the the world.

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