IORE helps leverage citizen science

IORE member Michael Orr from Cape Breton University in Sydney, NS, has a lot of good things to say about citizen science. IORE recently hosted a trip to Sable Island where Orr was given the opportunity to gather valuable oceans data. See why citizen science is changing the face of the way data is collected here:


IORE Ocean Connector – WHaLE – Sept. 25, 2014

Don’t miss IORE’s next Ocean Connector!

  • What: MEOPAR-WHaLE (Whales, Habitat and Listening Experiment)
  • When: September 25, 2014, 4:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Where:T-Room (J Building, 1360 Barrington Street)
  • Who: Chris Taggart from Dalhousie University will discuss MEOPAR’s newest acoustic monitoring project called WHaLE (Whales, Habitat and Listening Experiment).

Project background:
Ocean-going vessels pose a threat to all large whales worldwide. Maritime commerce needs information about whale locations and vessel-whale risk to mitigate this threat. While the vessel component of risk estimation is achievable virtually anywhere, the whale component is limited by sparse data on whale and whale-habitat distributions. This project will address this deficiency using recent advances in whale passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) technology.
This project will work to fill knowledge gaps in the distribution of large whales and their known and suspected habitats in locations on the east and west coasts of Canada where vessel traffic density is high and anticipated to increase, and where in coastal communities ecotourism and private recreation present small-vessel risk to whales.

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